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Graitek keeps adding services to streamline and simplify how you serve your members.
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Why Graitek

Keeping it together

People report that they drop out of teams and groups for five reasons:

Nothing is going on that interests me.
I don’t have time. Keeping current feels like a second job.
The same people run everything. I feel shut out of decisions and activities
I have to do all the work. I feel overwhelmed and unappreciated.
I’m not getting anything of value for my dues/contributions.

A Hassel-free Hub

A Hassel-free Hub

A hassle-free hub that gives everyone equal access to information prevents a lot of the time-consuming frustrations that suck the fun out of groups.

Reduce Time Consumed
Hassel-free Hub

One-click Everything

One-click Everything

Graitek delivers one-click everything—streamlining membership services, merchandise management, and the planning, scheduling, and hosting of events.

One Click Everything

How We Help


Tracking and collecting member dues does not have to be an unpleasant, multi-step process involving contact lists, voicemails, emails, PayPal, and Google spreadsheets.

With Graitek, all your recordkeeping and functionality is in one place.

Merchandise Management

Merchandise Management

Hats, shirts, water bottles and logoed swag gets your name out there and build teams spirit. However, the logistics of order and delivery typically takes too long for everyone involved.


  • Members respond by messaging or emailing a designated person
  • The order-taker puts together a list (with quantities, sizes, colors and other particulars)
    While members wait…
  • The order-taker collects and deposits checks or PayPal payments
    While members wait…
  • The order-taker sends a confirmation message or email to those who order
  • When enough requests are collected, the order-taker contacts suppliers.
    While members wait…
  • The order-taker may have to pack and mail items to members.
    While members wait…


Nobody Wants to Be the Event Cop

Graitek lets you turn in your Event Cop badge.

What is an Event Cop?

Let’s say your group has built an enthusiastic social media following. More and more potential members are interacting with you. They are eager to show up for competitions, fundraisers and get-togethers. Your team is busy promoting your event and handling all the details to make it your best yet. However, an important detail that’s easy to overlook is the need to collect signed agreements/waivers to protect your club from liability in the event of an accident. You may also need to make sure that members who participate are current with dues and fees. Some unlucky club member—maybe you—misses the fun because they are stuck collecting agreements and waivers, dues, and onetime, on-the-spot fees. Graitek lets you turn in your bad cop badge.


Groups that have already discovered Graitek:

Seminole County Triathletes Atlantic Coast Triathalon Club

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